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1 10mm fire retardant insulation pipe


Product Description

PE Insulation Pipe (Twin)

20+years specialized in manufacturing and processing PE INSULATION PIPE AND INSULATED COPPER PIPE for air conditioners, and provide various customized solutions.

Product Discription

Specification of PE Insulation Pipe (Twin)

● Customized and muti-sized twin insulated copper pipe available

● Labelling available, you can mark your logo and length on the Insulation pipe

● UV Resistant, Good Heat Resistant, Low Absoption, Wear Resistant

● PE Insulation pipe thickness: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 12mm, 19mm


Fire resistance standard

Introducing PE Insulation Tube Twin: The Optimal Solution for Residential and Commercial AC Unit Linkages.

Introducing Baodi Company's groundbreaking products for air conditioning needs: the PE Insulation Pipe and PE Insulated Copper Pipe. This dynamic duo offers high-performance solutions that revolutionize the industry.

  1. PE Insulation Pipe:

    Baodi's PE Insulation Pipe features an innovative design with a raised texture surface, enhancing its durability and wear resistance. This exceptional resilience ensures a long-lasting solution for your air conditioning systems, reducing the frequency of replacements and repairs.

  2. PE Insulated Copper Pipe:

    Our PE Insulated Copper Pipe combines the superior heat conductivity of copper with a polyethylene insulation layer. This unique combination optimizes thermal efficiency, minimizing heat loss during the cooling process. As a result, it improves energy efficiency and reduces operating costs.

Both products prioritize safety, environmental consciousness, and regulatory compliance. They meet rigorous standards in the US and EU, exemplifying their reliability and outstanding performance. Baodi Company's unwavering commitment to quality, advanced technology, and sustainability positions our PE Insulation Pipe and PE Insulated Copper Pipe as the ideal choices for residential, commercial, and industrial air conditioning applications.

Experience the unparalleled performance and durability of Baodi Company's PE Insulation Pipe and PE Insulated Copper Pipe. Elevate your air conditioning systems with innovative solutions that prioritize efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Trust in Baodi Company's expertise and dedication to delivering the best products for your cooling needs.

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