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Ten advantages of imported copper pipe

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1. Production in strict accordance with the standard

The imported copper tube is fully in line with the standards you need, such as en1057 European standard or ASTM American standard provided to the Chinese market. The product specification series is complete. These international standards strictly stipulate that the red copper content of copper pipe material must be more than 99.9%, the type and content of trace impurities, the hardness index of copper pipe material, the matching precision of copper pipe and the same standard accessories, etc. The raw material for the production of imported copper tubes is pure deoxidized phosphorous copper with phosphorus content of 0.015-0.040%. However, most domestic copper tube manufacturers produce copper tubes according to the national standard GB / t18033-2007, but there is still a certain gap between the national standard and the EU standard.

2. Purity

Imported copper pipe can ensure the purity of all copper pipe materials above 99.9%. Imported copper pipes do not use recycled copper to produce copper water supply pipes. It is difficult to control the purity and the content of harmful impurities because of the great quality difference of copper recovery. The purity of copper tube determines its corrosion resistance. Long term practice has proved that if the copper content is less than 99.85%, its corrosion resistance will decrease. There is still a situation of using recycled copper to produce domestic copper tubes.

3. Product accuracy

The size and fitting precision of imported copper pipe can be minimized. Imported copper pipe can ensure 100% of the pipe without trachoma and cracks. Because in the processing and manufacturing of imported copper pipes, there are strict quality control and detection systems in every type of work. The imported copper tube is first extruded from pure copper ingot into primary tube, and then stretched through more than ten processes to meet our requirements of size, precision and hardness. The more the processing steps are, the better the physical properties are. The quality problems can be gradually exposed and eliminated in each step, so that the final product quality is stable. In order to reduce the cost and processing procedure, some domestic copper pipes have uneven wall thickness, non-circular nozzle and unequal pipe diameter. (the tolerance of copper pipe is 2%: 10% for imported domestic pipe and 0.35%: 2% for imported domestic pipe). The welding connection of copper pipe is based on the principle of capillary siphon between copper pipe and fittings, while the matching accuracy of domestic copper pipe and fittings is poor, resulting in many problems such as the welding position is not firm.

4. Annealing control technology

According to your needs, we can provide flexible pipes, semi-rigid pipes and hard pipes produced by different annealing control technologies. For example, the most commonly used semi-rigid pipe of table x in en1057 European standard can be bent when you need to bend, and can be flared when you need to flared without breaking or breaking. The annealing technology of domestic copper tube is poor, so the hardness of copper tube can not be controlled accurately. If it is too hard, the copper tube is easy to crack and cannot be bent or flared. If it is too soft, the pressure resistance is not enough and it is easy to deform. Due to the lack of advanced equipment for bright annealing of domestic copper tubes, dilute sulfuric acid is mostly used as annealing aid. This method can make copper tubes bright for a long time, but greatly sacrifice the corrosion resistance of copper tubes.

5. Surface treatment of pipe wall

When the imported copper tube is annealed at high temperature in the later stage of the finished product, the rose red copper oxide powder is formed on the surface of the inner wall of the copper tube by using advanced technology, so as to speed up the contact of the inner wall of the copper tube with oxygen in the water as soon as possible to form a solid oxidation protective layer. And domestic copper pipe will not have this treatment.

6. Carbon free test

According to the European Union red copper water supply pipeline standard, the inner surface of copper pipe shall not contain any carbon material, and the imported copper pipe has passed this strict standard test. Because in the production process, the carbon material caused by lubricating oil will inevitably remain on the copper tube wall and form food of microorganisms in water, which will cause corrosion to the inner wall of copper tube. Domestic copper pipes are not even aware of the existence of this provision in the international standard.

7. List of finished products

Imported copper tube manufacturers always implement the awareness of environmental protection in the production process of copper tubes, and use natural citric acid instead of any other chemical substances in the final cleaning of copper tube products.

8. Evidence of reliability of imported products

In the world, the imported copper tubes are formally drafted to ensure their 50 year use. This represents the excellent quality and strong confidence of imported products.

9. Imported products and services

Imported copper pipes all copper pipes supplied to China are in accordance with the import laws and regulations of the people's Republic of China, and corresponding supporting documents can be provided. To provide high-quality products and services, improve the internal quality of commercial and civil buildings, in the promotion of banquets, technical consultation, organization, management, sales, installation guidance, installation services, warehouses are the first.

10. Right and assured choice

The sales philosophy of imported copper pipes is "once installed, you can forget", which is our strong trust in the excellent quality and excellent service of imported products. You choose to install copper water supply pipe because you believe in the reliability of copper water supply pipe. High quality imported pure copper tube is undoubtedly your right and assured choice.

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