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What is the difference between copper tube and brass tube

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Copper tube:

The copper content is more than 99.90%. It has the good characteristics of copper, which is a high-quality basic metal. It is widely used in various fields of industry and civil, and plays an important role. There are TP2, T2 and TU1.

TP2 is phosphorus deoxidized copper, which contains 0.015-0.04% phosphorus. It has good welding and cold bending performance. It is widely used in the manufacturing fields of air conditioning and refrigeration connecting pipe, stove gas circuit connecting pipe, electric heating pipe, etc.

T2 is pure copper, the copper content is higher than 99.90%. When the user has higher requirements for the material conductivity, T2 copper tube will be the first choice.

TU1 is oxygen free copper, with copper content of 99.97%, extremely low oxygen and impurity content, high purity, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, good ductility, good processability, welding, corrosion resistance and cold resistance. Because of its high production requirements and high cost, its product price is much higher than other types of copper tube.

brass tube:

For copper zinc alloy pipes, the number after the letter H in the brand often represents the middle value of copper content, and zinc content is the surplus. With the increase of copper content, brass tubes of different grades show better quality and elongation. Mainly used for water pipe and wading connector.

Features: the copper tube has strong, corrosion resistance, light weight, good thermal conductivity, high low temperature strength, can be used in many environments.

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