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Addressing Key Concerns in Choosing Insulated Pipes for HVAC Systems | Bodinsulation

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Bodinsulation is a professional OEM factory specializing in the production of PE Insulated Copper Pipes for the HVAC industry. Below are the key concerns our customers have when choosing insulated pipes. We value these concerns and understand that addressing them will help ensure product quality, performance, and cost-effectiveness, contributing to your brand's success. Here’s how we address our customers’ questions:

1. Why is the quality of piping materials important?

The quality of materials directly impacts the efficiency and lifespan of the air conditioning system. Selecting high-quality materials ensures long-term, stable operation of the system, reducing the need for maintenance and replacements.

- Bodinsulation PE Insulated Copper Pipe:

  - Internal Material:

C12200 99.9% pure copper (compliant with ASTM B280, AS1571, EN12735, C1220T, JIS H3300)


 - Insulation Quality Standards:

EN13501-1 BLS1-D0 (European standard), M1 (French standard), AS/NZS 1530.3:1999 (Australian and New Zealand standard)


- Applications:

Suitable for ductless mini-split systems, heat pumps, and centralized air conditioning systems.

2. How does insulation performance affect my operating costs?

Excellent insulation performance can significantly reduce heat loss, improve the efficiency of the air conditioning system, lower energy consumption, and thus reduce operating costs.

- Key Insulation Performance:

  - R-Value: r3.2

- A higher R-value indicates superior insulation performance, effectively reducing heat transfer loss. A lower R-value suggests relatively poor insulation, leading to higher heat transfer loss. Choosing the appropriate insulation R-value is crucial, especially for long-distance heat transfer or high-efficiency energy-saving applications in industrial and building sectors.


- Fire Retardant  - UV resistant  - Good heat resistant  -Low Absorption  -Wear Resistant

3. How do I determine the appropriate pipe size and specifications?

Ensuring that the pipe size and specifications match your air conditioning system is crucial. This involves the diameter, thickness, and other dimensions of the pipes, which directly affect the installation and performance of the system.

Twin Insulated Copper Pipe Technical Data


Copper Thickness

Insulation I.D

Insulation Thickness



0.8mm + 0.8mm

Φ8 + Φ12



(15ft to

50 ft)







0.8mm + 0.8mm

Φ8 + Φ15



0.8mm + 1.0mm

Φ8 + Φ19



0.8mm + 1.0mm

Φ12 + Φ19



0.8mm + 1.0mm

Φ12 + Φ22



0.8mm + 1.0mm

Φ15 + Φ22


4. How do I assess the reliability of the supplier?

Choosing a reputable supplier with a proven track record ensures timely delivery of materials and good after-sales support.

- Bodinsulation:

  - With 20 years of experience as an OEM factory, serving the global market, our products comply with EU, US, and Australian standards. We offer samples for testing and have a good reputation with flexible production schedules (30 days lead time after order placement).

5. How does cost affect my choice?

While ensuring product quality, cost-effectiveness is key. Comparing prices and terms from different suppliers to find the most cost-effective product helps in effectively managing the budget.

- Cost Control:

  - Bodinsulation offers pre-sales consultation (, providing customized solutions based on your needs. We also list daily copper prices separately to help you lock in the best prices.

By addressing these key concerns, Bodinsulation helps customers make informed decisions when choosing insulated pipes, ensuring your air conditioning brand remains competitive and successful in the market.

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